The Nspire OS 3.2 has arrived !

Hi there ! Good news for Nspire Lua programmers, TI updated the Nspire OS to version 3.2, which is a great update for Lua scripting ! Indeed, it brings, along with some API changes, 2 main things : – An integrated SDK (Software Development Kit) to the Npire Computer Software, which enables you to program in Lua directly within the software. It features some auto-completion, syntax-coloring, a debugger etc. 🙂

Screenshot of the 3.2 Lua Script Editor
Lua Script Editor

– A Physics Engine… Yes ! You’ll now be able to create some great physics-based simulations for the Nspire, without having to code everything from scratch !


We encourage you to check out the Wiki (we are currently expanding it with the new functions) which has a page that summarizes all the changes to the API in OS 3.2, as well as the official API Documentation from TI. Have fun !

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