TI Nspire OS 3.2 is coming soon !

Hello there,

As you may know, TI is soon going to release the Nspire OS 3.2 (much expected !) and it will provide some really nice new features as well as some bugfixes.

But here at Inspired-Lua, we’ll focus more on the Lua part, obviously.

Well, great news, 3.2 is a major update for Lua scripting !
This new version features an integrated (within the TI-Nspire Computer Software) Lua SDK (“script editor”, actually) as well as an improved API !

Screenshot of the 3.2 Lua Script Editor
Lua Script Editor

Say goodbye to the troubles of converting your .lua files to .tns or using Luna or any other process you could have been used to.
It’s now ridiculously easy. Just enter your script on the Lua Editor window, save it, and you’ll see instantly what it does in the calculator view !
The SDK also provides a nice debugger (breakpoints support, local/global variable display, execution stack, variable watch, etc.)
The main improvement in the API is probably the added “module” in this version. You’ll now enjoy a great Physics Engine that you can use for simulations in your documents.
It’s really well integrated, fast etc. as you can see in the video below.


The TI-Nspire OS 3.2 should be out in early/mid June 2012.

More info / 3.2 Release Noteshttp://education.ti.com/educationportal/sites/US/nonProductSingle/whats-new-version-32.html

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