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Graphical chemical reaction analysis (Nspire Lua)

(By the way, don’t think that I’m talking about me at the third-person : this is a translation I’ve done of the original TI-Planet article 😉 )

Another exclusive TI-Planet program today!

Our dear member Adriweb, after releasing the Chemical Reaction analysis program for TI-83 + / 84 + ( http://tiplanet.org/forum/archives_voir.php?id=1308 ) , has now programmed its Nspire version ! This is a first on this calculator, especially as it profits from the main new feature offered by the OS 3 : Lua Scripting, like the program TabVar 3, presented yesterday.

This .tns document actually consists of two parts:

-> You run the program (TI-Basic) avancement() and follow the steps to provide information on the chemical reaction to be studied.

-> Go to the next tab and watch the table drawn in detail and in color (Nspire CX only) !

A screenshot?


This program is open source and licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0.

Source code : https://github.com/adriweb/Tableau-d-Avancement-LUA/blob/master/TableauAvancement.lua

Link the topic of TIPlanet (more info + download ….): http://tiplanet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=8385

Download link directly : http://tiplanet.org/index.php?mod=archives&ac=voir&id=3754

(Click on the “Telecharger” button)

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By the way, Happy Halloween;-)

TabVar v3, the ultimate function analysis tool !

Hi everybody,

Today is a great day!

Indeed, for the lucky owners of a TI-Nspire with OS >= 3, JayTe has made an awesome program that combines the simplicity of the TI-Basic with the power of Lua, for our pleasure …
Here is … TabVar 3 !
Yes, the famous program that makes all your work in depth and draws a beautiful variations table (“Tableau de variations” in french), the perfect function analysis tool !!

“Hmm, Doesn’t that exist already ?” You might say.
It does, actually, The idea is not new.
Chronologically, it has indeed been made by Adriweb, the first one for Nspire, and then, TabVar v1 and v2, by JayTe, whose engine is based originally on Adriweb’s program, but everything was done much further by integrating more and better function analysis functions and algorithms.

This program exceeds by far its competitors. No other .tns could can hope to compete so far.

The outstanding feature of this version is that this program (launched exclusively on TI-Planet) deeply uses the features offered by the OS 3 by integrating a dynamic Lua script for an optimal view of the variation table, which for once is completely graphical. No need to have weird graphical hacks to correctly display what we need …

We will not make you wait any longer… Here’s a screenshot of TabVar:

and details of preliminary calculations (click for larger image):

So far, you will not find a more reliable engine (although nothing is perfect, of course, complex functions can be studied incompletely …)
You can, for example, try fairly complex functions, such as polynomial, rational, with or without asymptote(s) and strange behavior with or without limits …
In short, for a high school student (or other!) It’s more than perfect 🙂

Download link: http://tiplanet.org/forum/archives_voir.php?id=3751

Thank you Who?
Thank you Jayte!

Do not forget, this program is by far the most reliable and practical for the studies of functions ..
A small screenshot to prove that point ?
(Example : TabVar v3 against a competitor for the same function f(x)=1/x)

Yep, do not trust bad imitations if you want a good grade!

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