Some news for 2013…

Hi everyone !

This is the first article of 2013 and here are some news !

First, for our french readers, a Lua book has been recently released by the “D-BookeR” editions and while not all of its content is applicable in our Nspire-Lua language (for example, we cannot enhance the API via C, officialy), the first part of the book is about the Lua language itself, in general, and can be useful for us. Maybe for computer-Lua enthusiasts the other parts will be interesting too 😉

Free samples are available 🙂

, FormulaPro 1.4b has been released !

Changes :
Ability to open external formulas DBs (this is still being tested. It works but an on-calc DB editor would have to be created for the user’s convenience ;) )
– Subcat text in manual solver frame gets cropped if too long.
– Tricky mouseUp now working “properly” (TI “bug” when the cursor wasn’t shown and the click button was still pressed. It acts as Enter now, as kind of expected)
– mouseUp overall (since it’s expected/needed for sButton’s improvement)
– sButton more realistic (actually pushed when being clicked on release when mouse exits the area)
– Overall focus color change : it’s now light blue (it now looks better, I guess)
– Bugfixes here and there.

FormulaPro 1.4b

As usual, the source code (especially ETK, the GUI toolkit) can be found on GitHub.
.tns file download : here (GitHub), or here (TI-Planet).

 And last but not least :
TI recently released its TI-Nspire iPad applications (CAS and non-CAS), that comes with OS 3.4, which looks like a 3.2 OS, features-wise.

iPad app screenshot
You can find the Lua API changes here :
Link to the App Store : Non-CAS App  –  CAS App.  Price : $29.99


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