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  1. Brilliant site – many thanks for the HOWTOs!

    I have been developing PS3 Home Arcade and Minigame applications for nearly 3 years and found the initial process of running/testing my application on my Sony development kit (DECR-1000) very slow and cumbersome. After coding/amending my Lua scripts it would take over 2 mins to boot up my kit and re-run my application. Even though the dev system allowed a refresh/reload of Lua scripts – sometimes my application would produce a system crash – resulting in the need for a complete reboot of the dev-kit.
    The Sony SDK and IDE runs under Windows OS – and I prefer to use my iMac – with my usual unix command tools/scripts.

    Although Lua development for the TI nspire does not suffer too much from scripting-to-testing delays mentioned above – I do think developers would see a significant improvement in their development time if they considered using an alternative coding system.

    My first work under PS3 Home – were 2D arcade games – so I turned to Love2D – a Lua game framework which runs on Windows,Mac OS and Linux. It’s free and open source and very powerful. I wrote Love2D wrappers which emulated the PS3 Home Lua SDK – i.e Rendering, Text, Sprites, Joystick, Music and Sound FX and found that I could spend most of my development time coding and testing on my iMac. By developing the ‘business’ code using Love2D – I could be running and testing my application within seconds – after making a change – instead of the 1 to 2 minutes to start up my DECR-1000 kit.

    I have even developed 3D Minigames with Love – coding the business logic and having a 2D rendered version of the game.

    Part of my own PS3 Home development tools include using ANT (1.8) and Java (1.6).

    ANT is a java library and command line tool which is used to build files (known as ‘targets’). Although it is generally used to compile, test and run Java applications – I found it invaluable in building my Lua PS3 Home applications because of ANT’s ability to allow users to define and code their own ANT tasks. For example, in order to build a Lua application on the TI nSpire – we could define a task which allowed us to ‘flatten’ our Lua source/library files into one single source file – ready to convert to a TNS. We could also define and code in Java, additional tasks such as – PNG to TI.Image conversion, Lua to TNS conversion.
    ANT can be run from a command line – so I envisage we could build either a Love2D application with the command :-

    ant -Dmachine=love

    and finally a TNS nSpire version with the command

    ant -Dmachine=ti

    Any thoughts? Would appreciate your comments!

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