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FormulaPro v1.2 is here !


I guess some of you already know about TI-Planet’s (mainly Jim Bauwens and I) FormulaPro. For those who don’t know (yet !), it’s been announced at the end of june (2012) here (english), here (french), on the tinspire google group… It’s a re-make&improved version of the original TI-89 “EEPro”, re-coded from scratch in Nspire-Lua (supporting any 3.x OS) : solve any kind of equations easily ! (right now, the default DB is about physics, but users can create their own set of formulas).
Well, I’ve updated it :D. It’s now in version 1.2 and here is the changes ( and a nice screenshot for you 😉 )
ImageChangelog :
– First, probably what you will notice the most : Animations ! Thanks to Levak’s animation framework 😉 So, this basically makes “screens” (frames) scrolling around, as seen in the .gif above.
– Re-did the Screen push/remove engine to work correctly with the animations.
– nSolve() used instead of solve() which makes the whole thing works on non-cas devices 🙂
– Rounding big numbers in the results
– Put the Reference part inside of FormulaPro (Tab key on home screen). We decided that we’ll stick with the “FormulaPro” name for now (and not EEPro-Nspire) since we won’t do the Analysis part very soon.
– Code reformatting
– Timer bugs fixes
– Resizing issues fixed
– List widget improvement -> last/first brings you to top/bottom when you press down/up. (<- respectively)
– ClearKey support for input widgets.
– Pre-calculate entered value in solver input if valid (so the user can enter calculations inside the input and it will work)
– Fixed bug about timer multiplier adjustment (depending on the version)
– support for both “-” symbols (minus and negative) inside solver

Download : 
http://tiplanet.org/forum/archives_voir.php?id=6034  or  https://github.com/adriweb/EEPro-for-Nspire/blob/master/FormulaPro.tns?raw=true

We’d love to hear any feedback Cheesy