Inspired-Lua is a website made for everybody who wants to get to know better the LUA programing possibilities on the TI-Nspire device, by teaching the most things we can, thanks to tutorials and a complete documentation of the API.

The website is currently maintained by Adrien Bertrand (“Adriweb”) and Jérémy Anselme (“Levak”).

Here at Inspired-Lua, we try to provide you with tutorials, and tips&tricks that will improve your creations, as well as an updated and detailed API reference.

Inspired-Lua is composed of two main parts :

  • The documentation part, hosted on the wiki, which is a formal and technical explanation of every function, procedure, event, etc. of the Nspire Lua API.
  • The Tutorial part, helping and teaching you, step by step, to cleverly use all these functions, procedures, routines, events, variables… for your programs.

This website does not have the goal to separate any existing community, and this is why we think it’s a good idea to gather everything we know about it, and it’s the reason why everyone can register and ask to be allowed to contribute to the documentation part, or to be added as a poster in the tutorials part.


For any suggestion, question or comment, please write to info@inspired-lua.org